Why I'm Running

I want to support and guide our students, teachers, and staff in building a community culture where every child learning and every adult working in our school district feels safe, included, supported, and impassioned to learn and grow with brave curiosity no matter their cultural or racial background, gender, sexuality, economic class, physical ability, or mental ability.  Along with this vision, I want to lead with transparency and collaboration with the parents of Centennial School District in a way that we have not experienced in years.



"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army."


Edward Everett


When everyone knows they belong and that the environment that they learn and work in is supportive of them as a unique individual, the environment becomes a safer one.

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All of our kids need to be supported and met where they are in order to for them to succeed in their education and become the awesome people they were meant to be.

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Honesty in Education

Educating our children honestly, empowers them to think critically and analyze the world around them.

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Endorsements & Distinctions

2022 Take Action Minnesota Endorsement
2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction
2022 Renew US Endorsement
2022 American Youth for Climate Action Endorsement
2022 OutFront Minnesota Action Endorsement
2022 MN National Organization of Women PAC Endorsement